No problem, just enter your 13 character reference code on our online ordering page. You can now order any photographs you have a proof card for, at any point.
In most cases we will keep images for at least four years, with online ordering available for two years.
We aim to have your photographs delivered to your home within 5 working days if placed online, or 7 working days if your order is placed by telephone. Orders placed through your school will be considerably longer as we need to wait for all orders to be returned and for cheques to be cleared.
Yes. All late orders are delivered to home addresses or an alternative selected address.
Sending images electronically is becoming increasingly popular. There are no print costs as you say or indeed postage and packing, however, as with all our photography, each image is carefully checked for colour and lightness/darkness issues before dispatching. And don’t forget that you will receive the rights to have as many prints made as you like and to whatever size. When images are emailed they are not sent from us one by one but from our professional laboratory which are checked in exactly the same way.
The size of each image may differ slightly but should be a minimum of 12 megapixels, enabling large poster-size prints to be made by yourself.
Please return your prints and a covering letter to: PO BOX 2705 Wolverhampton WV8 1WQ. We will reprint them and return your corrected order to you within 14 days. Please ensure you supply us with your address and daytime contact number.
If it is a recent event please speak to the school who can give you a reference number with which you you will need to phone us. As a security measure the number the school give you will not work online. Or you can email your child’s name, school and class with your daytime contact number and home address. We will need to liaise with the school to obtain permission before sending another proof out.
No, although in most cases an event will have large discounts applied on multiple purchases of individual prints when ordering online. This means that you can create your own unique pack.
‘Pick and Mix’ or SmartPacks as we now call them was created to give parents an exciting way of purchasing school photographs with online discounts. Once you add your selection to the shopping cart you will see how much you have saved – The more you buy the bigger the discount, essentially creating your own unique pack!
Whilst we appreciate you’re interested in buying the digital copy of your class photo for personal storage and/or printing, it is our policy to not supply them for a number of reasons: As you are probably aware digital images are subject to manipulation with programs like Photoshop. We would therefore like to hold the original images and keep them safeguarded within our copyright policies. Secondly, as class photographs contain images of other children, we would not be able to release them. There could be the issue of social media sharing without gaining permission. Finally there could also be a financial loss to the company if parents decided to illegally ‘share’ images between them. Therefore we are unable to make any exceptions to our policy.
Yes, every photographer from Lighthouse Photography has been fully CRB checked. Also for your piece of mind all staff are strictly monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible quality of service. Fromm December 1st 2012 the CRB and the ISA merged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and all new photographers will be checked using this system.
Because we have so many sizes and products, we can only showcase a few of them. We pride ourselves in offering complete flexibility, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirement and we will provide you with the most cost effective way to order. Don’t forget we offer Black and whites in everything too!
Cooking a turkey is actually surprisingly easy. However, as we are a photographic company, we really shouldn’t be commenting on this subject.
Yes in most cases we do but you will need to contact us for a quotation prior to ordering. Please note: International orders (outside uk) may be charged a customs & excise charge on goods which you (the customer) will be responsible for.
No, digital images are not refundable to prevent fraudulent use.

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